The United States Parkour Association has issued an open letter to USA Gymnastics and the United States Olympic Council (Team USA) stating our opposition to the International Gymnastics Federation – FIGs encroachment and appropriation of parkour, ahead of the upcoming gymnastics Congress this weekend in Baku.

We take this action today alongside other national representative bodies, and with the support of over 40+ US companies and organizations that represent tens of thousands of practitioners, ahead of the pending vote to make parkour their official 8th Olympic gymnastic discipline next week.

In the spirit of good governance and the hope for national and international cooperation, we are requesting members and affiliates of gymnastic governing bodies, including our own USAG, to vote NO on the FIG’s motion.

A full copy of the OPEN LETTER can be found HERE


Particpating organizations include:

  • Apex School of Movement
  • American Parkour
  • Tempest Freerunning
  • Parkour Generations Americas
  • Enso Movement
  • Parkour Visions
  • Parkour EDU
  • Wildly Fit
  • Firestorm Freerunning
  • Parkour Horizons
  • ParkourSA
  • Rochester Parkour
  • Parkour:NYC
  • The Movement Creative
  • Innate Movement
  • Parkour-Kingston, NY
  • Pinnacle Parkour Academy
  • Philadelphia Pinnacle Parkour
  • TeachBuildPlay
  • Swift Movement Studio
  • Forge Parkour
  • Julie Angel
  • Urban Movement
  • NCParkour
  • PK Move
  • Primal Parkour
  • Parkour Entrepreneur
  • Height Drop
  • MYRM
  • Memphis Parkour
  • Infinite Movement Academy
  • Hawaii Parkour
  • Freedom In Motion
  • BASE Fitness Parkour / Art du Deplacement
  • Ascend Parkour
  • Scranton Alaska Parkour Community
  • Alabama Parkour
  • Gulf Coast Parkour
  • Florida Parkour
  • Georgia Parkour
  • Hub Parkour Training Center
  • North East Parkour
  • New Jersey Parkour
  • Michigan Parkour
  • Phoenix Freerunning Academy
  • Livonia Parkour
  • Kansas City Parkour