What is USPK?

Who We Are

The United States Parkour Association (USPK) is the National Governing Body for Parkour, Freerunning and L’Art du Deplacement in the USA. It is a non-profit organization formed by members of the parkour community, committed to growing and protecting the discipline of parkour through events, education, and outreach.

A 501(c)3 nonprofit founded in 2018, USPK works to bring together all of those involved in our practice: practitioners, students, parents of students, professional athletes, business owners, community leaders,and general enthusiasts.

Our Mission

Advance the growth and development of parkour in the United States.


Core Values


Establish trust with our community by showing our work to allow community understanding and input



Promote diversity, inclusion, and accessibility as priorities for our community, and zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind.

Be Useful

Actively searching for ways to serve our community as an organization and at all levels


Don't Be Evil

With great power comes great responsibility; don’t abuse it!


Willingness to learn and change as we grow

Accountability Always

Strive to serve our community in the best way, and accept responsibility and feedback to learn from our mistakes.

Strategic Pathways


Path 1


Further public legitimacy of parkour and its health benefits through nation-wide efforts to raise awareness of parkour culture, history, and safe practices.


Path 2


Support the needs of the members through providing resources and establishing basic standards to protect community interests and safe practices.


Path 3


Organize and mobilize the national parkour community to improve inter-state cooperation, expand reach, and support a thriving, self-sustaining parkour industry.

What Makes USPK Different?

A Community That Cares

USPK was founded by active members of the parkour community, and active community members are who continue to run USPK. We train, compete, and coach… just like you. 

We regularly review our own conflicts of interest, and any profits are used towards either growing USPK as an organization or growing the parkour community. Rather than simply selling insurance or certifications, USPK looks to develop a self-sustaining parkour economy where parkour businesses support one another, there are multiple professional paths to make a living working in parkour, and outside funding from ethical sources can be allowed to flow into the sport.


USPK is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the growth of parkour.


We make parkour accessible, inclusive, and diverse.


We are experienced leaders and invested cultivators.


We provide information and resources for training and learning about parkour, and we regulate safety and coaching standards.