Competition Committee

This committee oversees competition standards, rules, policies, and planning.


  • Alan Tran (Board Rep)

  • Seth Rujiraviriyapinyo

  • Travis Lee

  • Mel McQueen

Regional Competition Circuits

  • West Coast

  • Rockies

  • South Central

  • Midwest

  • Northeast

  • Southeast

Certification Committee

This committee looks at coaching certifications and sanctions them.


  • Blake Evitt (Board Rep)

Certification Review Board

  • Max Henry

  • Brandee Laird

  • Thomas Sjolhagen

Knowledge Communities

Can be built into standing committees.

Form a Knowledge Committee

Existing Knowledge Committees

  • Parkour Equipment (Build)

  • Public Parkour Parks

  • Mental Health Advocacy

  • Athlete Advisory

  • Judging