This is a comprehensive library for getting starting with parkour! If you have any questions about next steps, feel free to reach out to us. These sections are being updated as new information and resources become available.

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American Parkour

Apex Movement


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Training Resources

Learning About Parkour


Parkour Roadmap

Breaking the Jump

Parkour Strength Training


Jump London

Queen City


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Training Parkour

Parkour Movements

Basic Movements

This is an excellent breakdown with thorough tutorials for many fundamental parkour movements courtesy of Parkour Visions Leap to Lead project.


Beginner acrobatics tutorials.

Strength & Conditioning

Complete Beginner

Beginner with movement experience



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Training Outdoors

Important Information

Enriching Public Space

Build a Parkour First-Aid Kit

Weatherproof Training

Strength & Conditioning Outdoors

Apex Training

Parkour Visions Training

Training at Home

Home Training Equipment


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Parkour Shoe Breakdown by HUB Parkour

Comprehensive 2022 Parkour Shoe List

What to Look for in a Parkour Shoe


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DIY Obstacles

DIY Equipment Building - PKV

SturdyMade Community


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Obstacles for Purchase

APK Equipment

Movement Creative Equipment


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Online Resources

SPRC Training Methodology

Obsidian Gathering 2021

Virtual round table discussing challenges facing BIPOC community members

ASL Parkour Series


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Additional Resources

The Adolescent Health Knowledge Committee is a special group that discusses topics in parkour on a monthly basis that gathers to advance issues around physical health & development, mental health & mindfulness, injury recovery, inclusivity, disability support, drug abuse prevention, eating disorder prevention, and academics. This committee is led by Kyle Neumann. Articles have received explicit permission from the author(s) or through the fair-use doctrine.

Physical Health & Development

Mental Health & Mindfulness

Injury Recovery


Disability Support

Drug Abuse Prevention

Eating Order Prevention



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