The United States Parkour Association aims to serve as the national governing body for Parkour, Freerunning, and Art du Deplacement in the United States of America; founded by the community, in service of the community.

We are committed to founding an organization upon good governance principles, open communication, ethical integrity, and inclusive development.  We will work to serve our national community equitably, transparently, and in good faith, working in partnership with both individual practitioners and groups every step of the way.

In light of recent events and the overwhelming response of the community, several major organizations across the country have recognized the need to come together. We are building an initial constitutional framework for you, the larger community, to review, comment on, and approve.

Below we have laid out a roadmap to organizational establishment, including public comment periods, a general assembly, and official first release.

This Spring, the proposed bylaws will be released and open for public comment. These bylaws will present a structure for the organization, scope of services, and paths to membership and further involvement. We welcome comments or concerns in the meantime.

  • March - Bylaws released for Public Comment
  • April - Public Comment Period Ends.
  • April - Public Comment Revision Response Issued, Adoptions
  • May - General Assembly, vote to adopt, vote to approve transition period
  • May 1st 2018 - Membership enrollment opens

To stay in the loop as more information is released, please submit your contact information below to our mailing list! Organizations and individuals wishing to support, endorse, and join the early process please contact us directly.

You can direct any questions, comments, or suggestions through our email at or our facebook group (page).

Members of the initial advisory committee for organization include:

Caitlin Pontrella
Amos Rendao, Apex Movement
Mark Toorock, American Parkour
Tyson Cecka, Parkour Visions
Blake Evitt, Parkour Generations Americas
Michael "Frosti" Zernow, Tempest Freerunning


These organizations have signed up to join the discussion this January: