What is a National Governing Body? (NGB)

NGBs are typically non-profit, non-governmental organizations responsible for promoting and developing a particular sport within a nation. They carry out governance and regulatory functions, control key assets such as a national team brand, support youth and elite level national teams for both genders, and at the highest level often work with the national (USOPC) and International Olympic Committee (IOC) and to qualify athletes and national teams to participate in international events. While many countries maintain a Ministry of Sport within their national government that designates official NGBs, the U.S. has no such body and therefore the USOPC designates officially recognized NGBs, however there are a multitude of NGBs that have not sought recognition or have no Olympic ambitions.

A Brief Overview of USPK’s Structure

The full governance structure and activities of USPK is outlined in our Bylaws.

Board of Directors

A Board is the governing body of a nonprofit. Individuals who sit on the board are responsible for overseeing the organization’s activities but not necessarily managing day to day operations. Board membership with USPK is not set up to be a permanent position. There are appointed and elected positions, with the majority of the board designed to be elected members of the parkour community. Learn more about our board structure & the possibility of joining our board here.


Staff oversee the day to day operations of the organization, headed by an Executive Director. You can check out our specific openings or submit an application to volunteer here.

Knowledge Committees

Member-driven groups that knowledge-share and explore key topics, professional interests, and identities. They create community-curated resources and participate in developing strategies and tactics to advance key issues. Learn more about creating your own KC here!

Board Task Forces & Committees

 These informal groups are appointed by the board to tackle specific and ongoing projects within the organization, including setting build standards, reviewing and accrediting certifications, creating advocacy decks, and more.


 According to the USPK Bylaws, section 3.4.2 Election for Elected Directors, elections are to be held every 2 years. You can learn more about elections and the upcoming cycle here.

Current Board of Directors

Alan Tran

Board President

Cordelia Storm Hollingsworth

Vice President

Melissa Way


Michael Jones


Blake Evitt

Adam Kozy

Melissa McQueen

Jared Komatz

Executive Staff

Jess Chan

Communications Director

Previous Board Members

Caitlin Pontrella

Michael 'Frosti' Zernow

Amos Rendao

Mark Toorock

Paul Darnell

Transparency & Good Governance



Click to Download Bylaws


Election for the Members of the Board of Directors will be happening in 2023.


Non-Profit Status

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