Community is an important part of parkour in the US. Though a highly individualistic sport in practice, our beginnings centered around sharing techniques with others, training and playing together, and in those very early days, meeting on online forums to organize community events or “jams”. Today the parkour community is a robust and growing mix of practitioners, coaches, businesses, and organizations across the country. Find a community near you to connect with other practitioners to meet up, train, and learn from each other.

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How to find your local parkour community.


1. Parkour gyms are the best places to start connecting if one exists near your area. If there’s no parkour gyms in your area, you can typically find some folks doing parkour movements at the following places:

    1. Ninja Warrior Gyms
    2. Movement/circus arts facilities
    3. Dance/martial arts studios
    4. Gymnastics gyms with open gym sessions

2. Most major U.S. cities have a meetup group for outdoor training that exists on Facebook Groups, Whatsapp group chats, or potentially Discord. A quick search engine query of “parkour + [your city]” may yield results.

3. If #1 & 2 don’t work, try reaching out to the closest parkour gym in your radius; the community is still very tight-knit and often locals know other training groups within their state or region.

4. If all else fails…make your own! Post to local public Facebook groups or find like minded friends, and start with basic outdoor training. Most current parkour scenes sprang out of local training groups that grew as curious bystanders would join in on the fun, and continued to spread as internet forums and Youtube training videos connected people from different areas willing to train with others and share tips. You can always reach out to USPK directly if you’re stuck with getting started! (link to contact form)