Meet the Athletes and Judges Committee

The Athletes and Judges Committee is appointed by the Board of Directors to support and advance the development of competitive parkour events through the insights of experienced athletes and judges. The USPK Athletes and Judges Committee establishes policies and procedures consistent with the Board Bylaws and approved by the Board.

  • Establish an athlete voice within the United States Parkour Association
  • Review and respond to proposed USPK policies and legislation
  • Support the organization through community outreach efforts
  • Advance the development of officiating parkour competition events
  • Ensure fair competition for all athletes by enforcing the rules and regulations that govern the sport
  • The membership of the Athlete Advisory Committee should be representative of the diversity of the parkour’s competitive community and involve representatives from different regions of the United States. Each member serves as a liaison between the committee and their regions and communities.


Payton Hanna

Committee Lead


Payton is a legally blind parkour athlete and martial artist from Taos, NM. Through pursuing his unique journey, he has explored the parkour world and seeks to bridge the gaps between practitioners and systems, as well as spread knowledge through coaching and teaching. In his spare time, Payton enjoys playing heavy metal and going for walks. 

Christopher Hollingsworth

Committee Secretary


Christopher Hollingsworth is a well-versed parkour athlete and coach. His journey in movement sports began over twenty years ago, marked by a passion for overcoming physical and mental obstacles. Beyond athletics, Christopher is a dedicated coach, focusing on holistic development and personal style. He tailors his coaching to individual needs, fostering growth and resilience in his students. Committed to promoting parkour as a respected sport, he actively contributes to community growth.

Cai Garcia

Committee Delegate


Arizona parkour veteran Cai soars beyond acrobatics having practiced for more than a decade. He has experience ranging from competition, coaching, program director, film work, and more. Cai holds degrees in psychology and music. Now he’s pursuing a Masters in behavior analysis – seeking to merge personal experience with academic insights for holistic development. Driven by the belief in parkour’s transformative power, Cai champions USPK’s success. His vision: empower athletes, elevate communities, propel parkour to new heights.

Frank Mejia

Committee Member


Frank Mejia started his parkour journey and has witnessed the evolution of the sport since beginning his practice in 2009. His style has shifted with the growth of the sport from traditional Yamakasi-style, Ninja Warrior, to the speed, skill, and style approach. In 2014, he started coaching at Urban Evolution in Alexandria, VA, and progressing from an assistant coach to the program director. Frank excelled in competitions, podiuming at SPL Qualifiers and achieving the fastest tag in World Chase Tag history. He holds multiple coaching certifications, including USAParkour L1 and L2, ADAPT L1, PK Silver, WCT L1 and L2, and American Parkour L1 and L2. Noteworthy contributions include in-house certifications for Urban Evolution and Swift Movement, participation in WCT America’s certifications, and involvement in developing competition parkour standards in the US.

Mel McQueen

Board of Directors Representative


After enrolling her two children in APEX Movement’s youth parkour classes and waiting in the gym lobby for six months, Mel McQueen signed up for a parkour stretching class offered at the same time. Since then, the sport has become integral to her life. With all but two of her toes, lost to frostbite, she serves as an inspirational model to women who are centered as parents and as an active adult. Mel McQueen brings her experience volunteering and developing national competitive circuits at USA Climbing to the United States Parkour Association.

Alan Tran

Board of Directors Representative


After stumbling across parkour on the internet in 2006, Alan Tran recognized fitness and movement were the containers for him to help others explore themselves. Alan founded Enso Movement to foster the growth and education of parkour, its values, and its community in North Carolina. He continues to collaborate with industry leaders on many projects including Art of Retreat, United States Parkour Association, and more. Whether teaching classes or studying movement, Alan firmly aspires to help everyone explore the depths of parkour and its values to reveal their truths.