USPK is proud to announce the selection of its inaugural Executive Director: Adam Kozy. Known by his last name in most of the parkour community, Kozy has been training parkour globally for over nine years, and brings a much needed mix of real-world experience crafting a world class team at a successful cybersecurity unicorn plus a passion for all things parkour and creating good, transparent governance for it. And probably most importantly for the position, a sense of humor. He will report directly to our Board of Directors

The Executive Director position was designed to serve the community and the board similar to a CEO, managing day-to-day operations, directing projects, being the occasional tie-breaker on decisions, and being the public face for the association. When interviewed about the role, Kozy stated, “I see it as an extension of the community’s will, enacting various ways to define and grow the sport as organically as possible while still entering into the larger world of organized sport.” He continued, “We have a narrow window of opportunity to blaze our own trail and manifest the future of parkour, and the delay of the Olympics has only aided that in some respects.” 

Although Kozy is new to the role, he encouraged traceurs and traceuses to be active participants in the governance of their sport and to write to USPK with suggestions and things they’d like the association to provide. “At the end of the day we’re here for you, the community, so let us know what you’d like to see! Not every decision is going to be popular, but decisions do need to be made in some arenas if we want to control our own sport as a collective instead of being told what to do,” he said. 

On the current situation with COVID-19, Kozy remarked that although it is a strange time in the world to take the helm of a national organization, USPK can play an integral role in assisting parkour gym owners, employees, and practitioners during these troubled times by providing information and reassurance to those affected the most by the crisis. The noted spike in solo training videos during the pandemic reaffirms that despite the shutdowns, parkour is well and alive in the U.S.   

We look forward to seeing Kozy serve the community and provide leadership at USPK as we grow as an organization and a movement!


Adam Kozy is a recognized cybersecurity and threat intelligence expert who has been training parkour for over nine years in various communities around the globe. “Kozy” as he’s known in the community, started training at American Parkour in Washington DC while working for the FBI’s Cyber Division. After leaving federal service, Kozy became a Principal Analyst at cybersecurity unicorn CrowdStrike where he helped build the Asia-Pacific Analysis Team from scratch and lead a diverse team of experts in outing Chinese military hacking units, examining the North Korean attack against Sony, and of course investigating the now infamous Russian hack of the DNC. Kozy continued training parkour with various international communities as he traveled working remotely, affording him a unique perspective of how the sport has matured globally across a wide spectrum of humanity.