2020 MAY 11TH – 10:00AM EDT

A strategic partnership joins the United States Parkour Association with Parkour Earth’s federations in support of transparent governance, driving further international collaboration on parkour sovereignty.

United States Parkour Association is excited to announce that the organization is joining the ranks of several national federations in joining Parkour Earth (PKE), the International Federation for Parkour / Freerunning / Art du Déplacement! PKE was founded in July 2017 to protect the rights, freedoms and to promote the interests of practitioners, members & the international community. Like USPK, Parkour Earth is committed to transparent governance for and by the parkour community and the fair promotion of the sport and philosophy in all its forms. This new affiliation positions USPK and PKE to drive further collaboration across the world. Working together, the affiliation enables both organizations to leverage experience and expertise in providing for parkour communities.

Joining PKE has been a long time coming and we’re absolutely thrilled to join hands with our international colleagues that currently include the national federations of Australia, Finland, France, New Zealand, Poland, South Africa, Switzerland, and the U.K. The USPK Board met and in a unanimous vote held on 23 April 2020 elected to apply for membership to PKE. Parkour Earth’s swift board approval of USPK to its member roster in May validates the speed and approach both entities have taken towards good governance and affirms our commitment to being a part of something larger for the community.

We look forward to working with the members of PKE as an Affiliate Member. For those wondering, the rights included in the membership are the same voting and participation powers as Full Members; the Full Membership requires approval by a national governing body for sports within the member’s country, something the United States doesn’t have (think a Ministry of Sports). Over the next few months, we’ll be joining in conversations with PKE and its affiliates to build an active link and continued collaboration. We’re stronger together and we look forward to overcoming obstacles with our international friends!

To read more about our new affiliation, please visit Parkour Earth.

Adam Kozy
Executive Director
United States Parkour Association