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2022 State of the US Parkour Industry

2022 APRIL 28 –

Without metrics, it’s impossible to understand the health of our industry and current trends in the United States. That’s why the United States Parkour Association is pleased to announce the State of the Industry – a new annual survey of US-based parkour businesses and organizations that will provide a comprehensive look at the parkour industry. For the first time parkour business owners, community leaders, and project champions will have access to a comprehensive set of statics representing the economic impact and trends of parkour in America.

On average, this survey takes about 10-15 minutes to complete and will provide an important baseline of statistics to help us all understand our industry as well as useful information to help you manage your business.

The information in this survey is completely ANONYMOUS. The survey details will only be shared in aggregate to ensure that the specific information you provide remains confidential. Those who participate will also have the option of receiving a personal copy of the study’s aggregate results.

  • To help eliminate some of the “guesswork” in the industry with respect to critical trends.
  • To provide meaningful data to help inform decisions in community and business development
  • To increase the level and depth of professionalism within the industry.
  • To ultimately increase the value of businesses for owners
Before You Start

While most questions can be answered on the spot, you will need access to your annual P/L statement and basic demographic data from your POS.

  • In cases you are unsure, please provide your best approximate estimate.
  • In cases not applicable, skip.