2023 End-of-Year Town Hall: Celebration of Achievements and Planning for the Future

Hey USPK Community,

We’re delighted to announce a significant event on our calendar that marks the culmination of an eventful year – the USPK Virtual End of Year Town Hall! Join us on November 28th, from 11am-12pm (PST)/ 2-3 pm (EST), for a comprehensive update on all things USPK.

Agenda Breakdown:

  1. Board Members Intros & Updates:

    • Meet the faces driving USPK and gain insights into their roles and responsibilities.
    • Learn about key decisions, initiatives, and future plans directly from our board members.
  2. 2023 Year in Review:

    • Reflect on the milestones, challenges, and growth we’ve experienced throughout the year.
    • Celebrate the successes of our athletes, the dedication of our community, and the impact of our collective efforts.
  3. USPK Nationals Overview:

    • Get an exclusive sneak peek into the plans for the upcoming USPK Nationals.
  4. Staff Updates:

    • Gain valuable insights into the behind-the-scenes workings of USPK.
    • Learn about recent developments, ongoing projects, and the vision driving our dedicated staff.
  5. Insurance Insights:

    • Understand the importance of individual and event insurance.
    • Receive clarifications on coverage, benefits, and how USPK is working to ensure a safety and sustainability of parkour. 
  6. F.I.G Updates:

    • Stay informed about the latest updates from the international gymnastics federation.
  7. Current & Upcoming Goals & Projects:

    • Delve into the strategic goals and projects that USPK is currently undertaking.
    • Learn about exciting initiatives that will shape the future of parkour in the U.S.
  8. Q & A Session:

    • Engage with us directly! Have burning questions or suggestions? This segment is designed for your input.

Can’t make it to the live session? We understand! We’ll be recording the entire town hall for your convenience.

See you at the town hall!

Virtual meeting link: