2020 MAY 14TH – 4:00PM EDT

The United States Parkour Association is grateful to the parkour community for their community support. The Association acknowledges the generosity of our JUMPSTART Businesses and Individuals. JUMPSTART Businesses are organizational donors who make a commitment of $250 or more and JUMPSTART Individuals are donors who make a commitment of $50 or more before our sunrise period ended in early 2020.

In addition, to participating in member voting, our JUMPSTART donors receive discounted parkour gym insurance along with a 25% discount on following annual memberships on recurring subscriptions. Individual donors may also run for a position during an election, join member committees, or start special interest groups. Become a member today!


JUMPSTART Businesses

JUMPSTART Individuals – $50+

  • Adam McClellan
  • Andy Keller
  • Eli Stickgold
  • Dustin Sharp
  • Jordan Strybos
  • Jonathan Eden
  • Michael Davis
  • Travis Tetting
  • Maggie Spaloss
  • Eric Chao
  • Alan Tran
  • Christie Thomas
  • Nicholas Anastasia
  • Adrienne Toumayan