How can I get in touch with USPK?

You can reach us any time at


How can I get the latest information on voting times, membership information, or opportunities to get involved?

Sign up for our email list here for all the most important information and events.


How can I stay connected with what USPK is doing?

Follow us on our Facebook page.


What if I want to get involved or volunteer?

USPK is looking for as much community participation as possible, so if you are interested just fill out our Volunteer Application and help build the future of parkour!


What does USPK actually do?

While our objectives are laid out in our bylaws, a few specific examples of responsibilities and projects that USPK will undertake include

  • Working with insurance companies to set legal standards for the profession

  • Establishing building standards and distributing related free information

  • A collective voice to interact with major media and government

  • A resource for finding information on coaching certifications, events, and other ways to connect with the community.

  • A non profit that will house special interest groups created by the community

  • Eventually provide funding opportunities for national level events, impact projects

  • Develop and disseminate professional and legal resources specific to parkour professionals


What does full membership include?

  • Voting rights on things that matter
  • Ability to participate in SIGs and other influential groups

  • Support legal autonomy

  • Individual fiscal sponsorship for arts/cultural grants

  • Option to have credentials verified / listed on website as a coach/professional

  • Connect with other professionals in the discipline (access to our directory of members)

  • Legal templates and samples for contract services

  • Access to legal & business resources (ie risk management recommendations, employee handbook samples, best business practices)

  • Allows for eventual leverage for discounts from major groups like Mindbody

  • Access to job board/postings


Where do you stand on Federation International de Gymnastique (FIG)?

In general, we stand for parkour continuing to be in the hands of the practitioners and business owners from the parkour community. We stand against outside organizations attempting to monetize, misappropriate, and govern.


What types of issues will I be able to vote on?

  • Use of funds

  • Organizational directives

  • Amendments to the bylaws

  • Programs and initiatives that should be pursued for funding (cultural/arts, research, professional, etc)


How will this affect my parkour business / community?

  • Representation in government and professional meetings/hearings

  • Improved ease of obtaining insurance

  • Improved professional legitimacy in the public eye

  • Access to grant fund opportunities


How involved do I need to be as a member?

Membership involvement is determined at an individual level.  USPK is designed to be a platform for members to share passions and projects on a national level to help build a stronger and more vibrant community.  Members are not obligated to vote at any point, nor to join specific SIGs, but are encouraged to get involved with issues that they feel passionate about.


What is a SIG?

SIG stands for Special Interest Group. Their purpose is to create a space for anyone to self organize on the topics important to them regardless of the priorities of the board are or any other group.

Here are a few examples of SIG's that show different parts of the spectrum of areas they can cover:Build SIG

  • Competition
  • Coaching Certification
  • Professional Practice / Ethics
  • Inclusivity / Gender / Equality / blah

SIG’s are formed by groups of individual to address specific issues or areas of interest within the national / cross-state community. SIGs have the power to put proposals up for vote in front of the board and general membership, as well as request funding for initiatives. SIGs can also apply for grant money on behalf of the organization to support approved initiatives.


What is parkour and who does the USPK represent?

In an effort to be as inclusive as possible to all members of the community, USPK uses the term “parkour” to include parkour, freerunning, and ADD.  While we realize that different practitioners and communities may have unique interpretations of the sport, we all share a common set of values and a philosophy that is integral to what we do.


Why do we need a governing organization?

  • If we leave a void, other groups that don’t have the community’s best interest in mind will fill it

  • Collective power to connect with government and media

  • Alone you may only have the ability to comment on articles or call representatives, but together we can make greater impact.

  • Platform for promoting parkour in a positive way

  • Improvement of building and coaching standards to increase safety and sustainability

  • Neutral, central platform for fair and accurate information dissemination

  • Non profit status that can help fund the priorities of the community through SIGs and voting members / full members


What’s preventing abuses of voting power?

  • Membership application involves identity verification? (including citizenship)

  • Voting members must be in good standing with USPK

  • The Board of Directors act as a fail safe in protecting the fairness of the voting process


What happens with all the membership dues and SIG fees?

The USPK will be funded by a mix of grant money, donations, and membership fees. These funds will be utilized for the development and delivery of legal and business resources, as well as community programing. They will also be used to cover general administrative costs such as digital services, registration fees, and so forth.

A budget will be released every year, and our tax return / 990 with a pair expense report will be made available for public review. All board members serve on a volunteer basis.