What is USPK?

The United States Parkour Association (USPK) is the non-profit National Governing Body for parkour / freerunning / l’art du deplacement, and represents the collective voice of its membership including recreational practitioners, professional athletes, parkour organizations, and associated parkour businesses. 

Our goals include raising awareness of parkour to the general public, being a liaison of parkour to government and media entities, supporting the development of better training methods, and promoting safety in equipment and facility building as well as in the operation of classes and events.

USPK is a hub for connecting parkour-related special interest groups, coordinating national events, procuring grants and scholarships, and strengthening the image of parkour in the US.

USPK is the sole representative body of parkour in the US to international organizations, and represents competitions within parkour and all participating US athletes in all national and international competitive events.

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Initial Transition Board

Caitlin Pontrella - As founder and director of the Art of Retreat, a Parkour Leadership & Education Conference, Caitlin has worked with global leaders and instructors in the parkour community to develop and share new ideas. Now as the Executive Director of Seattle based non-profit Parkour Visions, Caitlin continues to work on making parkour accessible and available to people of all ages and dimensions of diversity. She also supports the women's community through the Women's Parkour Movement platform.

Mark Toorock - The founder of American Parkour and APK Academies, Mark has organized some of the largest events, competitions, and performances around the world. APK has introduced parkour into public school physical education, with over 40 active schools in the District of Columbia and Maryland.

Amos Rendao - Owner, head coach, GM, and professional athlete for APEX School of Movement Headquarters, founder of ParkourEDU.org, and creator of Parkour Ukemi (The Art of Falling), Amos teaches and certifies parkour coaches, puts out educational content online, and does seminars around the world.

Blake Evitt - One of the directors of Parkour Generations Americas, Blake was introduced to parkour while living in Paris and then spent a number of years traveling around the world studying parkour and how it could be used as an agent for positive social change. He founded Parkour Generations Boston in 2012 and splits his time between coaching in Boston, and traveling around the world teaching at large events or tutoring instructor training courses through ADAPT.

Michael “Frosti” Zernow - As one of the first sponsored freerunners in the United States Frosti travelled the world for the last 15+ years as a competitive athlete, live performer, and consultant. Now based out of Los Angeles as one of the owners of Tempest Freerunning and the Tempest Academies Frosti is a host and commentator for Parkour events and competitions around the globe.



Craig Constantine - Trained was an engineer and a natural problem solver Craig discovered parkour at 40 years old and worked to become an ADAPT certified instructor. Through his podcast and blog, along with his talks through events like the Art of Retreat, Craig continues to bring insight and a fresh perspective to the parkour community.

Victor Crittenden - Based out of Virginia Victor is an instructor for the 501(c) non-profit program PK Move.


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